What is MECEP? How do I apply?

Marine Enlisted Commissioning Program is a multiyear program that selects enlisted Marines to earn a bachelor's degree and commission at a university that is affiliated with NROTC. Applications will be solicited by the annual MCBul in the 1040 series. Application requirements and format guidelines will be found in the MCBul for the FY.

Will the Navy and Marine Corps cover my educational expenses?

No, individuals are responsible for covering the cost of their education. Marines may use their GI Bill, financial aid, or other educational benefits they can obtain to pay for their education.

What are MECEP eligibility requirements?

Marines applying to MECEP must have three years of active service and at least one year remaining on their current enlistment contract. Marines applying must be a Sergeant or above at the time of application.

When do I attend OCS?

MECEP candidates will attend 10 weeks of OCS in Quantico Virginia prior to reporting to their NROTC unit.

What are the physical requirements for MECEP?

A minimum 235 PFT and 270 CFT are required.

Will my promotion opportunities be limited while participating in the MECEP program?

No, promotions remain uninterrupted during time in the program and are non-competitive.

Am I eligible for a flight contract?

MECEPs are eligible for a flight contract as long as they are found to be physically qualified. Flight contracts can be obtained before commissioning and arrival at TBS.

What are the academic requirements while enrolled at the university?

Marines must maintain a full-time student status as laid out according to the university and maintain a GPA of 2.5. Degrees should be completed in the most concise manner. Degrees requiring five years of study are not permitted.

What is the average week for a MECEP at Duke? What responsibilities do I have to the NROTC unit?
  • MECEPs will participate in most of the same requirements as Midshipmen to include PT (battalion and Marine), Naval Science Lab, and a regular class schedule.
  • MECEPs are eligible and encouraged to hold leadership and training billets within the battalion.
  • MECEPs are expected to act as leaders and mentors to Midshipmen and provide relevant fleet experience whenever possible.
Who at Duke should I contact to update my MECEP process and ask questions about admission to? 

The AMOI is Staff Sergeant Perry and his email is