Learning Objectives

Mission Statement

The NROTC Program was established to develop midshipmen mentally, morally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, and loyalty, and with the core values of honor, courage and commitment in order to commission college graduates as naval officers who possess a basic professional background, are motivated toward careers in the naval service, and have a potential for future development in mind and character so as to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government.


The primary goals of the NROTC Program are to provide students with:

  • An understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of Naval Science
  • A basic understanding of associated professional knowledge
  • An appreciation of the requirements for national security
  • A strong sense of personal integrity, honor, and individual responsibility
  • High state of physical fitness for health and military performance
  • An educational background which will allow the students to undertake successfully, in later periods of their careers, advanced/continuing education in fields of application and interest to the naval service



The academic performance of students in the battalion is of the utmost importance. The students will follow a structured academic program, composed of 8 naval science courses and other required technical courses, along with the major of their choosing, with special emphasis on technical science-related or engineering degrees. There is a minimum grade point average requirement of 2.5. 

All Midshipmen are subject to the following requirements:

  • Participate in New Student Orientation
  • Complete all Duke University requirements for bachelor's degree

In addition to normal course load, Midshipmen must follow these general academic guidelines (successful completion of required courses requires a minimum grade of “C-”): 

Non-NROTC courses:

  • Calculus: One year by end of sophomore year (Not required for Marine Option Midshipmen) 
  • Physics: One year of calculus-based physics by end of junior year (Not required for Marine Option Midshipmen) 
  • English grammar and composition: One year (Not required for Marine Option Midshipmen)
  • National Security Policy/American Military Affairs: One semester
  • Regional Studies: One semester (Not required for Marine Option Midshipmen)

Other Requirements:

  • All Students: Naval Orientation, Seapower and Maritime Affairs, Naval Leadership and Management II
  • Navy Option Students: Naval Ship Systems, Navigation, Naval Operations, Concepts and Analysis of Naval Tactical Systems
  • Marine Corps Option Students: Amphibious Warfare, Marine Leadership Lab, Evolution of Warfare
  • Weekly Leadership Lab where we conduct inspections and leadership assessments, develop public speaking, dialog with guest speakers, and a variety of other leadership development and educational opportunities.
  • Four to Six week summer trainings prior to graduation
  • Calculus and/or Physics Tutoring
  • Personnel Qualifications Standards (PQS)
  • Swim Training and Assessment


A high standard of behavior reflects individual maturity and professionalism, as well as the ideals of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Midshipmen will exhibit appropriate courtesy and respect for others in all environments, both in an out of uniform. They shall aid to the utmost of their ability, and to the extent of their authority, in maintaining good order and discipline.

  • Bi-semesterly (minimum) counseling sessions with NROTC Advisor
  • Student Mentorship program
  • Battalion staff (student) leadership positions


The objective of the Physical Training (PT) Program is to ensure that every Midshipman’s physical fitness exemplifies their commitment to excellence as a future Navy or Marine Corps officer. The PT Program will use physical fitness as a method of building self-confidence, battalion cohesion and unit camaraderie. 

  • Physical Readiness Test (PRT)
    • 2 assessment tests per semester
  • Physical training sessions
    • 1-2x per week dependent upon performance in PRT assessment
  • Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP)
    • To assist Midshipman in passing Physical Readiness Test