High School Students

Thank you for considering joining the Duke NROTC program! As a college-bound high school student, you are in a position to receive full tuition payment and numerous other benefits from the U.S. Navy.

The information below will provide all the information you need to know about applying for the scholarship and becoming a midshipman here at Duke.

If you have any more questions about the program fill out interest form or contact recruiting officer LT Webb Pierson, wap14@duke.edu



Highly recommended to contact recruiting officer for updated Duke admissions statistics. It is also recommended to visit Duke Undergraduate Admissions webpage. Registering for admissions mailing list provides lots of useful information for prospective high school students. Parents can also join the mailing list


Applications to Fill Out

There are two specific applications you must complete to ensure that you can come to Duke University as a midshipman: the Duke application and the NROTC scholarship application.

Acceptance into the university does not guarantee a NROTC scholarship or vice versa. Both organizations must accept you! Both applications also will take time so start early. Duke has a binding early decision deadline generally in early November and a second deadline in early January. Most high school students complete their NROTC scholarship application in the first few months of their senior year. 

Tests to Take

Both Duke University and the Navy require that all applicants take the SAT or ACT and report their scores. Also, unlike Duke University, the Navy has minimum scores for all applicants:

  Navy Options Marine Options
SAT Critical Reading    550 1000 (composite) 
SAT Math     540  
ACT English  22 22 (composite)  
ACT Math 21  

The Navy does not take any other sections of the SAT or the ACT into consideration other than those listed above. The Navy will take your best score from each section, not just your highest composite. If you can, start taking the tests early and often!

People to Contact

Once you begin your NROTC scholarship application, you should contact your local scholarship coordinator. They can help you with the application process and answer any specific questions you may have. If you would like to visit the Duke NROTC Battalion or schedule officer interview, please contact the Recruiting Officer LT Webb Pierson webb.pierson@duke.edu.

Requirements to be Aware of

Upon graduation, NROTC Scholarship Midshipmen are Commissioned as Ensigns in the Naval Reserve or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps.
  • Navy
    • Navy-options on two, three, and four-year scholarships incur an obligation of five-years active duty and three years of Inactive Ready Reserve obligation. 
    • Navy-options who receive the advanced standing scholarship incur an obligation of three years active duty service. 
    • Pilots and Naval Flight Officers incur additional time in active duty service, eight and six years respectively after receiving one’s wings. 
  • Marine Corps
    • All Marine-option midshipmen incur an obligation of four years active duty service. 
  • Midshipmen disenrolled from NROTC Scholarship Program for reasons beyond their control will normally be discharged without penalty. Minimum of two years active enlisted service or recoupment of all tuition dollars paid may be required for midshipmen who disenroll or are disenrolled from NROTC Scholarship Program for academic or personal reasons after the first day of their sophomore year. If disenrolled, personnel who were originally on active duty and were released early to accept NROTC Scholarships must complete their original enlisted contracts.