Notable Alumni


Flag Officers from Duke University

  • ADM Frank Bowman (Retired) Bachelor of Science, 1966. Service Selection: Submarines. Former Chief of Naval Personnel and former Director of Naval Nuclear Propulsion.
  • VADM Gordon R. Nagler (Retired) Duke 1943,Service Selection: Surface Warfare Officer. Former COMCRUDESGRU TWO and COMNAVSURFLANT.
  • RADM Jack Calvert (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1958. Service Selection: Aviation.
  • RADM Edward Deets III (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1979. Service Selection: Aviation. Former Commander of Naval Network Warfare Command.
  • RADM Charles Hamilton II (Retired) Bachelor of Science, 1974. Service Selection: Surface.
  • RADM Grant Hollett, Jr. (Retired) Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 1964.
  • RADM Stephen I. Johnson (Retired) Bachelor of Science. Service Selection: Submarines.
  • RADM Robert Marlay (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1971.
  • RADM Glenn Phillips (Retired).
  • VADM Jeff Hughes Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 1988. Service Selection: Aviation. Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfighting Development (OPNAV N7).
  • RADM Kevin Lenox  Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, 1990. Service Selection: Aviation. Commander, Carrier Strike Group THREE. 
  • Gen Walter Boomer, USMC (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1960. Former Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.
  • LtGen Emerson Gardner, USMC (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, cum laude 1972. MOS: Marine Aviation
  • BGen David Coffman, USMC (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, cum laude 1985. MOS: Marine Aviation

Other Distinguished Alumni

  • Steven Pressfield graduated from Duke University in 1965 and joined the US Marine Corps a year later. After leaving the Marine Corps, he began to write books of nonfiction and historical fiction. His work Gates of Fire about the battle of Thermopylae is on the Commandant's reading list and is taught at West Point and the US Naval Academy. Tides of War, about the Peloponnesian War, is taught at Naval War College.  
  • Richard Nixon received his law degree from Duke University in 1937 and became a Lieutenant Commander as a ground officer for the US Naval Air Transport. He is the only Duke Law graduate to become President of the United States.
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