Service Requirements

Military Service Requirements for Scholarship Midshipmen

  • Upon graduation, NROTC Scholarship midshipmen are Commissioned as Ensigns in the Naval Reserve or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps Reserve
  • Navy
    • required to serve a minimum of five years of active military service.
  • Marine Corps
    • required to serve at least four years on active duty.
  • Midshipmen disenrolled from NROTC Scholarship Program for reasons beyond their control will normally be discharged without penalty
  • Minimum of two years active enlisted service or recoupment of all tuition dollars paid may be required for midshipmen who disenroll or are disenrolled from NROTC Scholarship Program for academic or personal reasons after the first day of their sophomore year
  • If disenrolled, personnel who were originally on active duty and were released early to accept NROTC Scholarships must complete their original enlisted contracts