A Week in the Life of a Duke NROTC MIDN

Sample Week in the Fall Semester:

  • Monday:
    • 1005-1120 Naval Science Class
    • 1700-1800 Squad Time (Dinner/Studying/etc)
  • Tuesday: In Uniform All Day!
    • 0615-0715 PT Session
    • 1505-1725 Leadership Lab
  • Wednesday
    • 0700-0800 Drill Team Practice
    • 1005-1120 Naval Science Class
    • 1800-2000 Calculus Tutoring
  • Thursday
    • 0615-0715 PT Session
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    • 1200-1600 Football Guest Services (Earn Money for Battalion Events)
  • Sunday
    • 1500-1700 Physics Tutoring


This is a general outline of the time commitment a 4/C MIDN can expect on a weekly basis.  Tutoring times subject to courses taken and subject to change.  Guest Services depends on Home Football Schedule. Class and PT times vary semester to semester. Please contact the Recruiting Officer with any questions.