Color Guard

Comprised of the National Ensign, the Navy colors, the Marine Corps colors, and two rifle guards, Color Guard carries the duty and privilege of presenting our national colors during select basketball and football games, and miscellaneous events such as the Veterans Day cermony. Color Guard is one of the most respectable and honorable ways for a Midshipman to represent the Battalion as well as the Navy and Marine Corps. The picture below shows the Color Guard presenting the colors during the National Anthem at a basketball game in a packed and noisy Cameron Indoor Stadium, where the crowd is so loud that it is nearly impossible to hear the Color Guard commander, even if you are standing directly next to him/her. Practices ensure that our Color Guard is as good as it can possibly be (with or without audible commands!) and ready to handle such intense and exciting atmospheres. Color Guard is open to Midshipmen of any class, including freshmen.