Battalion Lab

On Tuesday afternoons, the Battalion engages in activities to either help develop leadership skills or gain insight into paths they may follow in their future service. Whether it occurs inside or outside, or includes physical aspects or learning about and discussing important topics, Midshipmen always leave one step closer to being ready to enter the fleet.

In some outdoor activities, members of the Battalion are faced with possible situations they may one day encounter. Only by working with fellow midshipmen to form a solution and carry out the plan can they hope to succeed. Situations can range from logic problems to land navigation or transporting an object or person through obstacles. Leadership Reaction Course pictures can be foundhere.

The time spent practicing drill allows Squad Leaders and their squads opportunities to practice both leadership and followership. After hours of practicing every aspect of every movement down to flaring the heel, a Drill Competition and inspection are held. This competition gives the squads a chance to show off, but it also helps determine what aspects need more work.

Labs with guest speakers or discussions with the Active Duty Staff give the Battalion a glance into the life of a naval officer in a specific field. Speakers give members of the insights into their chosen field, and teach important lessons that they have learned through their experiences. When the time for service selection rolls around for seniors, one can be certain that after several years of preparation by the Active Duty and the words of wisdom from the guest speakers, the decision will be an educated and confident one.