Admirals from Duke University

  • ADM Frank Bowman (Retired) Bachelor of Science, 1966 Service Selection: Submarines.
  • RADM Jack Calvert (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1958 Service Selection: Aviation.
  • RADM Edward Deets III (Active Duty) Bachelor of Arts, 1979 Service Selection: Aviation.
  • RADM Charles Hamilton II (Active Duty) Bachelor of Science, 1974 Service Selection: Surface.
  • RADM Grant Hollett, Jr. (Retired) Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 1964.
  • RADM Stephen Johnson (Retired) Bachelor of Science Service Selection: Submarines.
  • RADM Robert Marlay (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1971.
  • RDML Glenn Phillips (Retired).

Other Distinguished Alumni

  • General Walter Boomer, USMC (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1960.
  • Richard Nixon received his law degree from Duke University in 1937 and became a Lieutenant Commander as a ground officer for the US Naval Air Transport. He is the only Duke Law graduate to become President of the United States.