What is Being in NROTC at Duke Like?

NROTC at Duke is a challenging, rewarding commitment that demands daily effort from Midshipmen. In addition to balancing a normal rigorous academic course load at one of the top universities in the country, Duke Midshipmen are expected to enroll in a naval science course each semester and participate in Battalion lab once a week. Midshipmen are held to a high standard of physical excellence which is maintained by participation in multiple MOTO PT's a week. Midshipmen must also maintain their uniforms and wear them once a week on Tuesdays. Midshipmen can participate in numerous other NROTC related activities, such as Semper Fi, Drill Team and Color Guard. There are also a number of special events which Midshipmen participate in, such as the Fall Birthday Ball, Spring Ball, and Awards Day.

As Midshipmen rise from class to class, they take on more responsibilities within the battalion. All day-to-day functions are planned out and executed by Midshipmen, under the oversight of the Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Midshipmen are presented with copious opportunity to gain invaluable leadership experience as they rise as MIDSHIPMAN IN RANKS to SQUAD LEADER, to PLATOON SERGEANT, to PLATOON COMMANDER, and possibly even to BATTALION COMMANDER, the highest billet attainable by any Midshipman.